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David Barry Logistics is pleased to announce the completion of a major upgrade to our RF and WMS operating software.

After considerable testing and consultation with a major overseas multi-national, our existing RF capabilities have been enhanced with increased integration into our warehouse operating and administration systems. This has been the result of our undertaking to our client for a program of continuous improvement to increase our already high level of KPI scores.

At the same time, we have introduced a front end order interface that enables our SME clients to use their own operating software to send an electronic file by email to our server which automatically generates the order acknowledgement and starts the fulfilment process through to generating client logos on despatch and supporting paperwork. Considerable thought has gone into “safety net” functions such as tests for duplicated orders, misnamed or unavailable stock etc. to permit both the clients’ and our customer service teams to concentrate on the more important elements of the supply chain process.

 This is in addition to the various bespoke client interface capabilities already available with our ICS warehouse management software.